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History of the Squirrel Hill Library
Audrey Heinz gave a fun talk on the history of the Squirrel Hill Library. Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Squirrel Hill (18th branch of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh) reopened on April 19, 2005 after a year long renovation. The library, from its dedication in 1972, has always been a vital institution in the community.

*No additional information or video is available for this program

Dor Hadash: “A Jewish Congregation without a Rabbi: 40 Years and Still Going.”
Speaker: Dan Resnick

*No additional information or video is available for this program

Beyond Murray Hill: Historic Preservation since the Murray Hill Avenue Project
Speaker: Dan Holland, Founder, Murray Hill Avenue Historic District (Squirrel Hill’s only historic district)

Dan Lives on Murray Hill Avenue and led the campaign for its designation as a historic district. For detailed information on the Murray Hill Avenue Historic District, see the Young Preservationists Association (an Holland is YPA Board Chair) or view the Murray Hill Historic District Publication.

The Neighborhood
Speaker: Hedda Sharapan, Associate Producer of “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood”

Hedda Bluestone Sharapan combines her background in child development with 33 years on Fred’s staff. She received a B.S. in Psychology from Carnegie Mellon University in 1965. Her interest in children’s television led her to WQED (Pittsburgh’s Public Broadcasting Station) and to Fred Rogers. At his suggestion, she pursued graduate studies in Child Development at the University of Pttsburgh School of Medicine and received her Master’s Degree in 1967.

No meeting- Have a nice vacation month.

Our Book—SHHS’s Book on Squirrel Hill

The writers introduced our book and talked about this 1-1/2 year project. The book stirred up great forgotten memories of our neighborhood.
To find SHHS books, please click HERE.

*No additional information or video is available for this program

The Evolution of Pittsburgh Cemeteries: Trinity, Allegheny & Homewood
Speaker: Dr. Elisabeth Roark, Asst. Professor of Art History, Chatham College.
See details at:
Allegheny Cemetery
Homewood Cemetery
Chatham College (details on its great history)

*No additional information or video is available for this program

History of Little’s Shoes
Speaker: Joel Sigal, Owner of Little’s Shoes

Comment on Little’s by State Rep. Dan Frankel
Question From: “Personality Profile: Dan Frankel” By Daniel Casciato, Shady Ave Contributor, 11/2003:

What are some of your favorite East End hangouts?
“Girasole is a great restaurant. My family and I go there quite a bit.Also, one of the most amazing places is Little’s Shoes. Not only is I a great place to shop for shoes, but it’s also probably one of the best places in the city to “politick” because you see so many people there.”

See the Little’s Shoe sign at Pittsburgh Signs.

*No additional information or video is available for this program

History of Temple Sinai
Speaker: Executive Director, Phyllis Weinkle

Temple Sinai is a Reform Jewish congregation in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism. Temple Sinai, founded in 1946, is dedicated to the sacred task of bringing to our people the message of Judaism that has grown out of the historic and religious experience of the Jews over more than 5,000 years.

History of Greenfield
Speaker: Author Anita Kulina-Smith (SHHS Member)

Anita Kulina is one of the 100+ kids who grew up on Haldane Street in the Greenfield section of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, during the 1950’s and 1960’s. She is currently writing a biography of Pittsburgh’s former mayor, Richard S. Caliguiri.

History of Beth Shalom Synagogue
Speaker: Rabbi Stephen E. Steindel, D.D.

Beth Shalom, a thriving synagogue located in the heart of Squirrel Hill. It was founded during the years of World War I. The 75th Anniversary was celebrated as they observed the 25th Anniversary of Jerusalem reunited. These three-quarters of a century have included some of the most triumphant as well as the most tragic movements of Jewish history.

*No additional information or video is available for this program

The Kaufmanns of Squirrel Hill
Speaker: Franklin Toker

Franklin Toker is a Professor of Art and Architecture at the University of Pittsburgh, where he teaches urban history and the history of Medieval and American architecture.



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