ADVENTURES IN PRESBYTERIA! (Including comments on Willa Cather)

September 11, 2007
Speaker: Chris Potter, Editor of “Pittsburgh City Paper”

If you have not come across the City Paper, here’s some “skinny”. This weekly paper is distributed for free each Wednesday. In Squirrel Hill the paper is easy to find, it is in every coffee house and restaurant in the neighborhood. If you want to know what’s going on in Pittsburgh, be it entertainment, culture and arts, politics –you’ll find the City Paper a worthy read. Circulation is in the 50,000 plus category.

Chris Potter has been the Editor since September, 2004. He is the author of a number of columns, including, “You had to Ask”, which responds to questions from readers about Pittsburgh. That column is always a must read.

WIKIPEDIA data on Pulitzer Prize Author Willa Cather: ……She then moved to Pittsburgh (living in Squirrel Hill), where she taught high school English and worked for Home Monthly, and eventually got a job offer from McClure’s Magazine in New York City. The latter publication serialized her first novel, Alexander’s Bridge, which was heavily influenced by Henry James.

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