Neill Log House (including slides)

May 8, 2007
Speaker: Dwight Fong, Volunteer Caretaker of Neill Log House.

The Neill Log House built between 1769 and the mid-1770s, once belonged to the family of Robert Neill, and later to Col. James O’Hara and his granddaughter Mary Schenley. In recent years, the house has served as a picnic pavilion, an equipment storage shed and a rest area for golfers. After restoration efforts by the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation and the Junior League, the house is now furnished with artifacts in keeping with a settler’s rugged life. Martin’s Cabin on Overlook Drive is another log structure from the same period but is currently out of use. “From Pgh. History & Landmarks”

March 14, 1996 Article from University Times: “Book Center staff member helps to preserve 200-year-old Neill log cabin in Schenley Park”

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