“STEEL AND ELECTRICAL MEN OF PITTSBURGH” – Westinghouse, Schwab, Carnegie, and Tesla. 

December 11, 2007
Speaker: Quentin Skrabec ,Associate Professor of Business at the University of Findlay

An experienced writer and biographer, Skrabec is a Pittsburgher with a strong background in the local stories and legends of the area. He has recently had published a trio of books about 19th Century Pittsburgh Industries. They are: “The Boys of Braddock”, “George Westinghouse, a Gentle Genius”, and “The Metallurgical Age. Steel, Electricity and Metallurgy are the subjects. And the heroes are Carnegie, Schwab, Frick, Hall, Hunt and Tesla.

Biography From Pelican Publishing

Bringing order to large organizations has always intrigued Quentin Skrabec. He spent a large portion of his career defining order in the steel industry, studying the management differences that catapulted successful companies out from the shadows of poorer performing ones. Even Skrabec’s hobbies of chemistry and geology strive to formulate order out of the elements. No wonder he would find Michael Owens an enticing subject for research. Acknowledged as the father of project management, Owens typifies Skrabec’s ideal.

Dr. Skrabec’s long list of academic degrees includes a Ph.D. in manufacturing management from the University of Toledo, an M.S. in metallurgical and industrial engineering from Ohio State University, and an M.S./B.S. in management, operations, systems, and organizational leadership as well as an M.B.A. in business administration, organizational leadership, and behavior from Robert Morris University. He has written more than fifty articles and five books on history, industrial history, and business. Dr. Skrabec is an adjunct professor at Findlay University and is a sought-after speaker for management conferences, having appeared at over thirty national gatherings.

A senior member of the American Society of Quality Control and American Society of Materials, Skrabec and his wife, Barbara, live in Maumee, Ohio. He prefers to write longhand and leave the initial typing to Barbara. He relaxes by reading science fiction.

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