History of Tea and Tea Pots

JULY 14, 2009

Speaker: Margaret Harris, Owner of Margaret’s Fine Imports on Forbes Avenue in Squirrel Hill

History of Tea (from www.teapittsburgh.com) Tea is the world’s most consumed beverage after water. Green tea is popular in China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and the Middle East. Just in the recent years green tea has gained more popularity in other countries, including United States. In Western countries black tea has been more popular than green tea. The tea has been used as a beverage for almost 5,000 years! Legend says that the first to “discover” tea was the Chinese Emperor Shen-Nung, when the leaf from the nearby tea tree fell into the cup of hot water near him and he decided to taste it. He liked this beverage so much that he sent his servants for more tea leaves…and that’s how it all started!

” It is time for good coffee & tea!” Our mission is to offer a wide variety of high quality coffees and teas to you, our customers. The quality of your daily beverage will change the quality of your life! We’ve been in business for many years and we’d like to share our experience with you! We also specialize in imported chocolates and other gourmet products from around the world!

About Margaret Harris: Member of the USA Specialty Tea Institute and also a member of Western Pa. Tea Association. Author of “Ces’t La Tea”, a quarterly tea newsletter.

“My affection for tea started back in my native Poland, when I probably had my first ‘tea’ when I was one day old.” Margaret has become even more interested in tea since she opened her business 7 years ago. A graduate of Warsaw Medical College, she also has an RN Diploma. She has been teaching about tea, coffee and chocolate since 2006.

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