Getting to Know our Neighbors: History of Greenfield

October 12, 2010

Speaker:   Author:   Anita Kulina-Smith

Anita Kulina will take us on a virtual history tour of Greenfield, which until 1868 was part of Squirrel Hill. With photos of current locales linking you to the past, you’ll learn the history of sites you may drive by every day. She’ll take us back as far as the days when Squirrel Hill was a hunting ground for Indians, and she’ll show us sites which in the past were coal mines, brickyards and forts. She’ll tell us stories of bootleggers, prizefighters, acrobats, “white Indians” and other renegades.

Everyone who attends this talk will receive access to a free downloadable ebook detailing these historical sites. With this ebook, you can take this tour at your leisure and actually walk in the footsteps of the fascinating people who were the early residents of Squirrel Hill and Greenfield.

Website: Anita Kulina is a writer living in Squirrel Hill.  Her book about Western Pennsylvania, “MIllhunks and Renegades,” is sold in gift shops, bookstores and at, and will be available for purchase at the October 12 talk.

Anita last spoke to our group in 2005 reviewing her book “Millhunks and Renegades—A Portrait of a Pittsburgh Neighborhood”

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