Carnegie Mellon – The Innovative University

March 8, 2011

Video Not Available

Speaker:  Daniel P. Resnick, Professor Emeritus of History and Director, Center for the History of the University Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon has developed a global reputation as the quintessential American Research University.   Why and How??

Dr. Resnick’s talk and slides will deal with the history of Carnegie Mellon, the themes developed with his colleagues in “The Innovative University”.

See“The Innovative University” website and his current research on American Research Universities since the Second World War.

About the Speaker: Dr. Resnick came to Carnegie Mellon in 1966 and remained here for most of his working life. His research, publications, and scholarly network ties have been in four areas: the history of Europe; the interdisciplinary history of literacy; public education, K-12; and higher education and the American University.

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