History of Glenn Greene Stained Glass Studio by Glenn Greene

December 8, 2015

Speaker: GLENN GREENE, Artist and Owner of “Glenn Greene Stained Glass Studio”

Glenn Greene

From the Glenn Green Art Studio website

“Glenn Greene Stained Glass Studio originally opened its doors in Oakland, a community located in Pittsburgh, PA., and operated there for 12 years. Now located in Regent Square for more than 17 years, Glenn and his unique artwork have become a staple of the neighborhood.

During 35 years in the business, Glenn Greene has accomplished thousands of custom installations and art pieces for residential, institutional and commercial — as well as liturgical — environments. Through decades of working from a rich palette of styles, Glenn’s original works incorporate a mix oftraditional and non- traditional aesthetics in a startlingly original way.”

Read more about this studio and other items published in City Paper, Post-Gazette, etc. on the website.

About the speaker: This self-described “normal Joe artist” is a native of Cleveland, where he apprenticed with glass masters beginning at age 15. He traveled to Pittsburgh in 1984 to do what he expected to be a two-week restoration job, but was amazed at the amount of stained glass in the city and the number of opportunities he could pursue.

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