Homestead and Squirrel Hill by Tammy Hepps

January 14, 2020
“Homestead and Squirrel Hill”
Speaker: Tammy Hepps, Founder of

This talk will explore the surprisingly symbiotic relationship between the communities of Homestead and Squirrel Hill that began in the 1890s and continues to the present day.  Originally linked by long-forgotten urban infrastructure, Homestead and Squirrel Hill have since traded community and commerce for generations.  Everything you think you understand about about Squirrel Hill will look quite different when contextualized within the longer history and strikingly different social fabric of its neighbor to south.

About the Speaker:
Tammy Hepps is a local historian who focuses on topics within American Jewish history, especially small towns and synagogues. Her projects combine research techniques from genealogy and history and draw heavily upon her technology expertise to break new ground in data gathering and interpretation. She is best known for her research into the Jewish community of Homestead, PA.  Please see her project website for more information.

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