Nine Mile Run by Wayne Bossinger

NOVEMBER 13, 2018
Speaker: Wayne Bossinger, SHHS Board Member and historical researcher

Wayne will talk about the convoluted history of Nine Mile Run valley, from its early days of primeval forest and salt licks to the increasing use of the valley for salt production, gas and oil drilling, slag dumping, and finally reclamation and new uses.

From Nine Mile Run Watershed Association The Nine Mile Run watershed is a small urban watershed located in Pittsburgh’s East End.
Covering just 6.5 square miles, the watershed is home to numerous exciting initiatives, including the largest urban stream restoration in the United States completed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The Nine Mile Run Watershed Association (NMRWA) complements this amazing physical transformation with a variety of innovative urban ecology projects designed to directly involve the community in helping to improve the health of the watershed.

About the Speaker:
Wayne Bossinger, SHHS Member, has been researching and writing about Squirrel Hill’s history since retiring in 2014. His experience as an operations manager for the City of Pittsburgh gives him unique insights into the city’s neighborhoods as well as government records, such as deeds and probate documents.

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