Taming the Automobile: Pittsburgh’s Boulevard of the Allies

July ongoing until further notice
Our July 14 program, “The Pittsburgh Pirates go to the Movies,” presented by Ron Backer, has been cancelled and will be rescheduled.  It has been replaced by the following online program.

Note: This video can be viewed at any time during July and can be viewed at your convenience.  Definitely take the time to view it!

“Taming the Automobile: Pittsburgh’s Boulevard of the Allies.”
Speaker: Justing Greenawalt, East Liberty Valley Historical Society (ELVHA) president and SHHS member.

In this all-new presentation, East Liberty Valley Historical Society president and professional architectural historian Justin P. Greenawalt examines the history and development of Pittsburgh’s most thrilling cliffside thoroughfare. The Boulevard of the Allies was Pittsburgh’s first attempt to tame the automobile, directly and expeditiously linking Downtown with the city’s eastern suburbs. Conceived in 1910 and built between 1920 and 1940, this monumental feat of engineering was accomplished”–quite literally–by moving mountains and filling valleys. As we prepare to mark the centennial of the Boulevard of the Allies, this presentation profiles and celebrates the ceaseless ingenuity and can-do spirit of Pittsburgh and its people. The presentation also covers the development of other major boulevards of Pittsburgh, including Beechwood and Bigelow.

Follow these directions to view the presentation:
1. Go to ELVHS’s Facebook page, facebook.com/EastLibertyValley/.  You don’t have to sign in to Facebook. A window will pop up asking you to log in, but at the bottom of that window, click on Not Now.  That will enable you to watch the presentation without signing onto Facebook.

2. Scroll down the page until you come to the presentation, Taming the Automobile: Pittsburghs Boulevard of the Allies. Click on the presentation and enjoy.

About the Speaker: Justin P. Greenawalt is an Historic Preservationist and professional Architectural Historian, employed by Michael Baker International, Inc., an internationally-recognizedengineering and consulting firm. Justin is also a licensed Realtor® with the Sewickley office of Howard Hanna and a real estate educator with the Realtors® Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh. Justin holds a Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies from the University of Pittsburgh and a Master of Science in Historic Preservation from Columbia University in the City of New York. In addition to volunteering his time on the Board of Directors of Preservation Pittsburgh, he also serves as President of the East Liberty Valley Historical Society.

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