Squirrel Hill History and Institutions

“Report on the Restoration Effort of the Neill Log House” — speaker: Tony Indovina, date: June 14, 2022

“Welcome in the New Year” – speaker: Helen Wilson, date: January 11, 2022

“Reflections on Keeping Tabs: A Holocaust Sculpture” – speaker: Bill Walter, date: December 2021

“The Red Door—An Historical Memoir of Pittsburgh’s Iconic Squirrel Hill Cafe” — speakers Jan Cavrak and Leslie Mcilroy, date: December 10, 2020

“The Convoluted History of Squirrel Hill’s Roads”— speaker: Helen Wilson, Vice-President of SHHS, date: March 10, 2020

“Homestead and Squirrel Hill” — speaker: Tammy Hepps, Founder of HomesteadHewbrews.com , Date: January 14, 2020

“Streetcar Days in Squirrel Hill” — speaker: George Gula, Port Authority (Retired), and Western Pa. Trolley Museum, Date: April 10, 2018

“Squirrel Hill THEN & NOW” – speaker: Helen Wilson, SHHS Co-Vice President.  Date: January 9th, 2018. 

“Squirrel Hill – A Neighborhood History, as outlined by Helen Wilson, editor and author, on July 11, 2017, after a regular meeting of the Squirrel Hill Historical Society.” Date: July 11, 2017

“Examining the History of Squirrel Hill through its Buildings: How to Research the History of Your Own Building” — speaker: Kelley Stroup, Founder of House History, Date: February 2017

“Auto Dealerships and Service Stations in Squirrel Hill Over the Years”– speaker: Morry Sable, Member of Family that Owned “Sable Motors” and “Sable Chevrolet” in Sq. Hill, date: July 12, 2016

“History of Glenn Greene Stained Glass Studio” — speaker: Glenn Greene, date: December 2015

“Squirrel Hill Urban Coalition: History and Current Projects” — speaker: Wayne Gerhold, date: October 2015

“The Streets of Squirrel Hill: Forbes & Murray Aves. Over the Years” — SHHS date: January 2014

“Squirrel Hill by the Numbers” — speaker: Chris Briem, date: December 2013

“Development of Squirrel Hill: A Journey Through Time and Art”– speaker: Helen Wilson, date: November 2013

“Remembering Walter Forward” — speaker: Miles Richards, date: September 2013

WQED- “Squirrel Hill in a Nutshell” — with Michael Ehrmann and Barbara Burstin, Aired October 22, 2012

“Squirrel Hill: A Sustainable Future” — speaker: Eric Osth, date: February 2012

“Squirrel Hill Memories—A Walking Tour in 1937 Down Forbes, Murray to Forward by Sandy Baskind” — speaker: Sandy Baskind, date: October 2009

“Squirrel Hill Retailing: 1966 to 2009 — speaker: Jim Reich, date: April 2009

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