WQED’s Squirrel Hill in a Nutshell

Aired Monday, October 22, 2012
7:30 pm to 8:00 pm
This program was produced by public television channel WQED in 2012.
Michael Ehrmann, SHHS’s Chairman, and Barbara Burstin, SHHS member and contributor to our most recent book, were interviewed for this TV program, which also included photographs from the SHHS first book “Squirrel Hill”

From WQED’s website:
“Squirrel Hill is not only Pittsburgh’s largest city neighborhood but also one of the most complex. In a time of declining city population, Squirrel Hill has grown. It has become the Pittsburgh’s own Ellis Island, a mecca for varied ethnic groups moving to Pittsburgh, and home to the most unusual restaurants and stores in town. It’s also becoming a model for city living. There’s so much to see – in only 30 minutes, but you’ll enjoy Squirrel Hill in a nutshell.”

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