The SHHS Board hoped we would be able to have our first live meeting since the pandemic began on January 11, but we have decided to present it on Zoom due to the continuing Covid pandemic, in particular, the Omicron variant.  Live meetings will resume at the Church of the Redeemer as soon as our Board determines it is safe to do so. Our January program has been altered to fit the Zoom format.

January 11, 2022 (Tuesday)
“Welcome in the New Year”

The SHHS will welcome in the New Year with a Zoom presentation by Helen Wilson, SHHS Vice-President, who will take a look at the activities and projects undertaken by the SHHS over the years and some that are taking place currently. She’ll also show ways that Squirrel Hill celebrated the New Year in the past. Instead of the planned trivia contest, we will raffle off some door prizes to attendees, which will be delivered to the winners. You have to be present (on Zoom) to win!

Our Vice-President Helen Wilson, a frequent presenter, is also SHHS Newsletter Editor, Archivist and one of our organization’s chief historians. She edited the book “Squirrel Hill: A Neighborhood History” and was a contributing author, as she contributes her writing often throughout our community on a wide range of Squirrel Hill history topics. She has also extensively researched our local Turner Cemetery, for which has sponsored and conducted tours.

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