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FEBRUARY 13, 2018 (Tuesday)
“Historical Memory and Patriotism: Bouquet, the Injun Girtys and two Grants (James and Ulysses)”
Speaker: Charles McCollester, Pittsburgh Historian
In 2013 Dr. McCollester spoke to the SHHS on “The Fall and Rise of Pittsburgh Labor”, he now returns to speak to our group about “History of Simon Girty”.
From Post-Gazette May 2017
……this fall, a state historical marker will be erected for Simon Girty in Squirrel Hill. Captured by the Indians as a boy, Girty left American service at Fort Pitt in 1778 and crossed over to the British because he saw them as less of an existential threat to native people’s survival than the land-hungry American colonists. History is complex.

Church of the Reedeemer
5700 Forbes Avenue
7:30 PM
Open to the Public, No Charge

Squirrel Hill Historical Society
P.O. Box 8157
Pittsburgh, PA  15217

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