SHHS Program Videos by Topic

The SHHS first began to video record some of its programs in 2006.  Since about 2009, all programs have been recorded unless individual speakers asked not to have videos made.

Lifetime SHHS member (and member of the SHHS Board) Ralph Lund initially developed the plan to video record our programs.  Ralph and, later, Audrey Glickman (another long-term SHHS member and member of our Board) recorded all of the videos. In 2014 Audrey started putting all of the videos on YouTube and worked with Patricia Hughes to link all of YouTube recordings to this website: she continues that task today.

Squirrel Hill History and Institutions

“Streetcar Days in Squirrel Hill” — speaker: George Gula, Port Authority (Retired), and Western Pa. Trolley Museum, Date: April 10, 2018

“Squirrel Hill THEN & NOW” – speaker: Helen Wilson, SHHS Co-Vice President.  Date: January 9th, 2018. 

“Squirrel Hill – A Neighborhood History, as outlined by Helen Wilson, editor and author, on July 11, 2017, after a regular meeting of the Squirrel Hill Historical Society.” Date: July 11, 2017

“Examining the History of Squirrel Hill through its Buildings: How to Research the History of Your Own Building” — speaker: Kelley Stroup, Founder of House History, Date: February 2017

“Auto Dealerships and Service Stations in Squirrel Hill Over the Years”— speaker: Morry Sable, Member of Family that Owned “Sable Motors” and “Sable Chevrolet” in Sq. Hill, date: July 12, 2016

“History of Glenn Greene Stained Glass Studio” — speaker: Glenn Greene, date: December 2015

“Squirrel Hill Urban Coalition: History and Current Projects” — speaker: Wayne Gerhold, date: October 2015

“The Streets of Squirrel Hill: Forbes & Murray Aves. Over the Years” — SHHS date: January 2014

“Squirrel Hill by the Numbers” — speaker: Chris Briem, date: December 2013

“Development of Squirrel Hill: A Journey Through Time and Art”— speaker: Helen Wilson, date: November 2013

“Remembering Walter Forward” — speaker: Miles Richards, date: September 2013

“Squirrel Hill: A Sustainable Future” — speaker: Eric Osth, date: February 2012

“Walking Tour of Forbes Avenue” — speaker: Sandy Baskind, date: October 2009

“Squirrel Hill Retailing: 1966 to 2009 — speaker: Jim Reich, date: April 2009


“Getting to Know our Neighbors: History of Greenfield” — speaker: Anita Kulina-Smith, date: October 2010

“Celebrating 100 Years — Mary S. Brown/Ames Memorial United Methodist Church” — speaker: Pastor Jim Cannistraci, date: March 2010

Nearby Neighborhoods and Communities:

Getting to Know Our Neighbors: “Shootin’ the Breeze: A Neighborhood Evolution and Pictorial Process of Pittsburgh’s Point Breeze” — speaker: Sarah Law, date: March 2016

” Four Faces of Lawrenceville” — speaker: Jim Wudarczyk, date: June 2015

“Tales of Our Town” — speaker: Gary Rogers, date: October 2013

History through the Civil War

“Civil War in Pennsylvania: Stories through Photographs” — speaker: Michael Kraus, date: June 2014

“Civil War in Pittsburgh” — speaker: David Albert, date: November 2012

“Multidisciplinary Investigations at Meadowcroft Rockshelter 1973 – 2011” — speaker: Dr. James Adovasio, date: October 2012

“Whiskey Rebellion” — speaker: Eric Meyer, March 2012

“Neill Log House” — speaker: Dwight Fong, date: May 2007

“White Indians (Captives) on the Western Pennsylvania Frontier” — speaker: Roland Vendeland, Date: April 2016

 Other Pittsburgh History

“The Map in the Image — A 50 Year Effort to Combine Pictures and Maps” — speaker: Doug Cooper, Date: January 2017

“Pittsburgh in World War I: Arsenal of the Allies” — speaker: Elizabeth Williams-Herrman, date: September 2015

”History of Colonel Schoonmaker” — speaker: Frank Kurtik, date: April 2015

“Chinese Restaurants in America” — speaker: Michael Chen, date: March 2015

“Why All These Presbyterians, and Where Did They Come From?” — speaker: Peter Gilmore, date: February 2015

” UPMC Sports Medicine” — speaker: Dr. Freddie Fu, date: June 2012

“The Thaw Family of Pittsburgh” — speakers: John Canning and David Grinnell, date: October 2011

“Unitarian Universalism – Western Pennsylvania” — speaker: Kathleen Parker, date: July 2011

“Paris of Appalachia — Pittsburgh: Past, Present and Future” — speaker: Brian O’Neill, date: March 2011

“The Names of Pittsburgh” — speaker: Bob Regan, Date: June 2010

“Pittsburgh Fire Bureau History” — speaker: Kip Deleonibus, date: January 2009

“Horses of Pittsburgh” — speaker: Joel Tarr, date: November 2007

“Story of the Historical Preservation in Pittsburgh”— speaker: Louise Sturgess, date: February 2009

Parks and Environment

”The History of Nine-Mile Run Watershed” — speakers: Zelda Curtiss and Lisa Brown, date: January 2015

“The History of Frick Park” — speaker: Susan Rademacher, date: July 2010

Schools and Universities

“Historical Overview of Carnegie Mellon University” — speaker: Holly Hippensteel, date: October 2016

“Nationality Rooms of the Univ. of Pittsburgh” — speaker: Michael Walter, date: April 2014

“History of the University of Pittsburgh” — speaker: G. Reynolds “Renny” Clark, date: April 2011

I Went to School in Squirrel Hill” — speaker: Betty Connelly, date June 2009

“History of Chatham University” — speaker: Dr. Elisabeth Roark, date: March 2008

Pittsburgh Arts, Museums and Culture

“History of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust” — speaker: J. Kevin McMahon,
President and CEO The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust Date: November 14, 2017

“KDKA and the History of Radio” — speakers:
Michael Young, Senior Vice President and Pittsburgh Market Manager, KDKA Radio and PJ Kumanchik, News Director, of KDKA Radio, Date: September 2017

“The Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh” — speaker: Jo Ellen Parker, President and CEO, Date: March 2017

“History of City Theatre: 40 Years of New Plays in Pittsburgh”
— speakers: Reginald Douglas (Artistic Producer) and Clare Drobot (Director of New Play Development), Date: February 2016

“YWCA Pittsburgh Since 1869” — speaker: M.E. Jensen, date: March 2013

“August Wilson – A Personal Remembrance” — speaker: Sala Udin, date: September 2011

“Rachel Carson and her Legacy” — speaker: Patricia DeMarco, date: February 2011

“More than 57 Reasons to Visit and Volunteer at the Heinz History Center” — speaker: Joe Arnold, date: December 2010

“History of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra” — speaker: Chuck Vogel, date: January 2010

“History of Pittsburgh in Prints and Photography: 1800 – 1900” — speaker: Dr. Elisabeth Roark, date: May 2009

“WQED – FM” — speaker: Jim Cunningham, date: May 2008

“Henry Hobson Richards, Architect” — speaker: Dr. William Garret, date: April 2008

“Adventures in Presbyteria: Willa Cather” — speaker: Chris Potter, date: September 2007

Cemeteries of Pittsburgh

“Allegheny Cemetery’s Grandest Angel: The HK Porter Monument, Italian Sculpture, and Art Collecting in Pittsburgh” Speaker: Dr. Elisabeth Roark, date: March 2018

“Steel City Cemeteries” — speaker: Dr. Elisabeth Roark, date: May 2013

“History of Calvary Catholic Cemetery” — speaker: Chris Motto, date: September 2012

“History of Homewood Cemetery” — speaker: Marilyn Evert, date: November 2011

Pittsburgh Industry and Labor

“150 Years of Beer at Penn Brewery” — speaker: Linda Nyman, date: July 26, 2016

“Fall and Rise of Pittsburgh Labor” — speaker: Charles McCollester, date: February 2013

“Westinghouse — A Gentle Genius” — speaker: Dr. Quentin R. Skrabec, date: March 2009

“Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area” — speaker: Ron Baraff, date: December 2008

“Steel and Electrical Men of Pittsburgh” — speaker: Dr. Quentin R. Skrabec, date: December 2007

Pittsburgh Oil and Gas

“Early Gas Exploration in the East End” — speaker: Joel Tarr, date:
December 2014

“Marcellus Shale — History, Production Methods, and Current Issues”— speaker: Daniel Bain, date: May 2012

“Petroleum Pioneers in Pittsburgh’s East End” — speaker: Al Mann, date: May 2011

Pittsburgh Real Estate and Development

” Howard Hanna” — speaker: Helen Hanna Casey, date: July 2006

“Walnut Capital “ — speaker: Todd Reidbord, date: June, 2006

Pittsburgh Retail

“History of Giant Eagle” — speaker: Josh Shapira,Member of One of the Giant Eagle Founding Families and Manager, City of Pittsburgh Stores, date: August 1, 2017

“In Search of Pittsburgh’s Mr. Selfridge: Unknown Stories from Pittsburgh’s Department Stores” — speaker: David Grinnell, date: July 2014

“History of S.W. Randall Toyes and Giftes” — speaker: Jack Cohen, Date: May 2014

“Coffee Tree Roasters” — speaker: Bill Swoope, Jr. , date: February 2014

“Ten Thousand Villages” — speakers: Karen Horst & Susan Schneider, date: April 2013

“History of Tea and Teapots” — speaker: Margaret Harris, date July 2009

Pittsburgh Sports

“An Unbreakable Bond: The Brotherhood of Maurice Stokes and Jack Twyman” — speaker: Pat Farabaugh, date: November 2015

“Black Baseball in Pittsburgh” — speaker: Bob Ruck, date: April 2012

“History of the Pittsburgh Pirates” — speaker: Dave Finoli, date: July 2008

“Billy Conn, the Pittsburgh Kid” — speaker: Paul Kennedy, date: July 2007

Bridges of Pittsburgh

“The Evolution of Bridges in Pittsburgh” — speaker: Todd Wilson, date: May 2016

“Noteworthy Bridges in the Squirrel Hill Area” — speaker: Todd Wilson, date: April 2010

“Bridges of Pittsburgh” — speakers: Bob Regan and Tim Fabian, date: January 2007

Jewish Pittsburgh

“Refugees and Resettlement in Pittsburgh” speakers: Barbara Burstin, SHHS Member and faculty member of both Pitt and CMU and Michael Ehrmann, SHHS President. December 5th, 2017

“Her Deeds Sing Her Praises: Profiles of Pittsburgh Jewish Women” — speakers: Eileen Lane and Lois Michaels, date: July 11, 2017

“Community Day School: Preserving Tradition, Securing the Future” — speaker: Avi Baran Munro, Head of the School, date: May 10, 2017

“The Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh” — speaker: Lauren Bairnsfather, Director, date: April 25, 2017

“Congregation Beth Shalom, Celebrating 100 Years” — speaker: Honey Forman, date: April 4, 2017

“Jewish Pittsburgh” — speaker: Barbara Burstin, date: September 13, 2016

“Tree of Life * Or L’Simcha Congregation” — speakers: David Dinkin & Audrey Glickman, date: March 2014

“Temple Sinai History” — speaker: Jackie Breslawce, date: June 2013

“Jewish Residential Services — History” — speaker: Deborah Friedman, date: December 2011

“The Jewish Community of Pittsburgh: Finding Your Family Roots” — speaker: Robert Zavos, date: June 2011

“Steel City Jews” — speaker: Barbara Burstin, date December 2009

“The History of Rodef Shalom” — speaker: Daniel Young, Associate Rabbi, date: January 2008


“The Story of St. Francis of Assisi” — speaker: The Rev. Michael Foley, Rector, The Church of the Redeemer , date: November 8, 2016

“Marketing the Presidency” — speaker: Steve Mihaly, date: June 14, 2016

“Preservation” — speaker: Terry Necciai, date: July 2012

“Historic Preservation in the U.S.A.” — speaker: Michael Ehrmann, date: January 2012

“Bagpiping” — speaker: George Balderose, date June 2008

“Welsh Connection” — speaker: Elizabeth Jeffries, date: November 2006


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