SHHS Program Videos by Topic

The SHHS first began to video record some of its programs in 2006.  Since about 2009, all programs have been recorded unless individual speakers asked not to have videos made.

Lifetime SHHS member (and member of the SHHS Board) Ralph Lund initially developed the plan to video record our programs.  Ralph and, later, Audrey Glickman (another long-term SHHS member and member of our Board) recorded all of the videos. In 2014 Audrey started putting all of the videos on YouTube and worked with Patricia Hughes to link the YouTube recordings to this website.   She continues that task today.

On January 26, 2021, Audrey was interviewed as part of a CBS News report about anti-Semitism.
Audrey Glickman’s interview on CBS News January 26, 2021

We have organized all of the videos by the following topic categories.  Click on the category you are interested in and you will see a list of all the videos recorded to date in that category. Then choose a specific program to view.

Squirrel Hill History and Institutions
Nearby Neighborhoods and Communities
History through the Civil War
Other Pittsburgh History
Parks and Environment
Schools and Universities
Pittsburgh Arts, Museums and Culture
Cemeteries of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Industry and Labor
Pittsburgh Oil and Gas
Pittsburgh Real Estate and Development
Pittsburgh Retail
Pittsburgh Sports
Bridges of Pittsburgh
Jewish Pittsburgh

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