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Squirrel Hill History and Institutions

“Squirrel Hill THEN & NOW” – speaker: Helen Wilson, SHHS Co-Vice President.  Date: January 9th, 2018. 

“Squirrel Hill – A Neighborhood History, as outlined by Helen Wilson, editor and author, on July 11, 2017, after a regular meeting of the Squirrel Hill Historical Society.” Date: July 11, 2017

“Examining the History of Squirrel Hill through its Buildings: How to Research the History of Your Own Building” — speaker: Kelley Stroup, Founder of House History, Date: February 2017

“Auto Dealerships and Service Stations in Squirrel Hill Over the Years”— speaker: Morry Sable, Member of Family that Owned “Sable Motors” and “Sable Chevrolet” in Sq. Hill, date: July 12, 2016

“History of Glenn Greene Stained Glass Studio” — speaker: Glenn Greene, date: December 2015

“Squirrel Hill Urban Coalition: History and Current Projects” — speaker: Wayne Gerhold, date: October 2015

“The Streets of Squirrel Hill: Forbes & Murray Aves. Over the Years” — SHHS date: January 2014

“Squirrel Hill by the Numbers” — speaker: Chris Briem, date: December 2013

“Development of Squirrel Hill: A Journey Through Time and Art”— speaker: Helen Wilson, date: November 2013

“Remembering Walter Forward” — speaker: Miles Richards, date: September 2013

“Squirrel Hill: A Sustainable Future” — speaker: Eric Osth, date: February 2012

“Walking Tour of Forbes Avenue” — speaker: Sandy Baskind, date: October 2009

“Squirrel Hill Retailing: 1966 to 2009 — speaker: Jim Reich, date: April 2009


“Getting to Know our Neighbors: History of Greenfield” — speaker: Anita Kulina-Smith, date: October 2010

“Celebrating 100 Years — Mary S. Brown/Ames Memorial United Methodist Church” — speaker: Pastor Jim Cannistraci, date: March 2010

Nearby Neighborhoods and Communities:

Getting to Know Our Neighbors: “Shootin’ the Breeze: A Neighborhood Evolution and Pictorial Process of Pittsburgh’s Point Breeze” — speaker: Sarah Law, date: March 2016

” Four Faces of Lawrenceville” — speaker: Jim Wudarczyk, date: June 2015

“Tales of Our Town” — speaker: Gary Rogers, date: October 2013

History through the Civil War

“Civil War in Pennsylvania: Stories through Photographs” — speaker: Michael Kraus, date: June 2014

“Civil War in Pittsburgh” — speaker: David Albert, date: November 2012

“Multidisciplinary Investigations at Meadowcroft Rockshelter 1973 – 2011” — speaker: Dr. James Adovasio, date: October 2012

“Whiskey Rebellion” — speaker: Eric Meyer, March 2012

“Neill Log House” — speaker: Dwight Fong, date: May 2007

“White Indians (Captives) on the Western Pennsylvania Frontier” — speaker: Roland Vendeland, Date: April 2016

 Other Pittsburgh History

“The Map in the Image — A 50 Year Effort to Combine Pictures and Maps” — speaker: Doug Cooper, Date: January 2017

“Pittsburgh in World War I: Arsenal of the Allies” — speaker: Elizabeth Williams-Herrman, date: September 2015

”History of Colonel Schoonmaker” — speaker: Frank Kurtik, date: April 2015

“Chinese Restaurants in America” — speaker: Michael Chen, date: March 2015

“Why All These Presbyterians, and Where Did They Come From?” — speaker: Peter Gilmore, date: February 2015

” UPMC Sports Medicine” — speaker: Dr. Freddie Fu, date: June 2012

“The Thaw Family of Pittsburgh” — speakers: John Canning and David Grinnell, date: October 2011

“Unitarian Universalism – Western Pennsylvania” — speaker: Kathleen Parker, date: July 2011

“Paris of Appalachia — Pittsburgh: Past, Present and Future” — speaker: Brian O’Neill, date: March 2011

“The Names of Pittsburgh” — speaker: Bob Regan, Date: June 2010

“Pittsburgh Fire Bureau History” — speaker: Kip Deleonibus, date: January 2009

“Horses of Pittsburgh” — speaker: Joel Tarr, date: November 2007

Parks and Environment

”The History of Nine-Mile Run Watershed” — speakers: Zelda Curtiss and Lisa Brown, date: January 2015

“The History of Frick Park” — speaker: Susan Rademacher, date: July 2010

Schools and Universities

“Historical Overview of Carnegie Mellon University” — speaker: Holly Hippensteel, date: October 2016

“Nationality Rooms of the Univ. of Pittsburgh” — speaker: Michael Walter, date: April 2014

“History of the University of Pittsburgh” — speaker: G. Reynolds “Renny” Clark, date: April 2011

I Went to School in Squirrel Hill” — speaker: Betty Connelly, date June 2009

“History of Chatham University” — speaker: Dr. Elizabeth Roark, date: March 2008

Pittsburgh Arts, Museums and Culture

“History of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust” — speaker: J. Kevin McMahon,
President and CEO The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust Date: November 14, 2017

“KDKA and the History of Radio” — speakers:
Michael Young, Senior Vice President and Pittsburgh Market Manager, KDKA Radio and PJ Kumanchik, News Director, of KDKA Radio, Date: September 2017

“The Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh” — speaker: Jo Ellen Parker, President and CEO, Date: March 2017

“History of City Theatre: 40 Years of New Plays in Pittsburgh”
— speakers: Reginald Douglas (Artistic Producer) and Clare Drobot (Director of New Play Development), Date: February 2016

“YWCA Pittsburgh Since 1869” — speaker: M.E. Jensen, date: March 2013

“August Wilson – A Personal Remembrance” — speaker: Sala Udin, date: September 2011

“Rachel Carson and her Legacy” — speaker: Patricia DeMarco, date: February 2011

“More than 57 Reasons to Visit and Volunteer at the Heinz History Center” — speaker: Joe Arnold, date: December 2010

“History of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra” — speaker: Chuck Vogel, date: January 2010

“History of Pittsburgh in Prints and Photography: 1800 – 1900” — speaker: Dr. Elizabeth Roark, date: May 2009

“History of Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation” — speaker: Louise Sturgess, date: February 2009

“WQED – FM” — speaker: Jim Cunningham, date: May 2008

“Henry Hobson Richards, Architect” — speaker: Dr. William Garret, date: April 2008

“Adventures in Presbyteria: Willa Cather” — speaker: Chris Potter, date: September 2007

Cemeteries of Pittsburgh

“Steel City Cemeteries” — speaker: Dr. Elizabeth Roark, date: May 2013

“History of Calvary Catholic Cemetery” — speaker: Chris Motto, date: September 2012

“History of Homewood Cemetery” — speaker: Marilyn Evert, date: November 2011

Pittsburgh Industry and Labor

“150 Years of Beer at Penn Brewery” — speaker: Linda Nyman, date: July 26, 2016

“Fall and Rise of Pittsburgh Labor” — speaker: Charles McCollester, date: February 2013

“Westinghouse — A Gentle Genius” — speaker: Dr. Quentin R. Skrabec, date: March 2009

“Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area” — speaker: Ron Baraff, date: December 2008

“Steel and Electrical Men of Pittsburgh” — speaker: Dr. Quentin R. Skrabec, date: December 2007

Pittsburgh Oil and Gas

“Early Gas Exploration in the East End” — speaker: Joel Tarr, date:
December 2014

“Marcellus Shale — History, Production Methods, and Current Issues”— speaker: Daniel Bain, date: May 2012

“Petroleum Pioneers in Pittsburgh’s East End” — speaker: Al Mann, date: May 2011

Pittsburgh Real Estate and Development

” Howard Hanna” — speaker: Helen Hanna Casey, date: July 2006

“Walnut Capital “ — speaker: Todd Reidbord, date: June, 2006

Pittsburgh Retail

“History of Giant Eagle” — speaker: Josh Shapira,Member of One of the Giant Eagle Founding Families and Manager, City of Pittsburgh Stores, date: August 1, 2017

“In Search of Pittsburgh’s Mr. Selfridge: Unknown Stories from Pittsburgh’s Department Stores” — speaker: David Grinnell, date: July 2014

“History of S.W. Randall Toyes and Giftes” — speaker: Jack Cohen, Date: May 2014

“Coffee Tree Roasters” — speaker: Bill Swoope, Jr. , date: February 2014

“Ten Thousand Villages” — speakers: Karen Horst & Susan Schneider, date: April 2013

“History of Tea and Teapots” — speaker: Margaret Harris, date July 2009

Pittsburgh Sports

“An Unbreakable Bond: The Brotherhood of Maurice Stokes and Jack Twyman” — speaker: Pat Farabaugh, date: November 2015

“Black Baseball in Pittsburgh” — speaker: Bob Ruck, date: April 2012

“History of the Pittsburgh Pirates” — speaker: Dave Finoli, date: July 2008

“Billy Conn, the Pittsburgh Kid” — speaker: Paul Kennedy, date: July 2007

Bridges of Pittsburgh

“The Evolution of Bridges in Pittsburgh” — speaker: Todd Wilson, date: May 2016

“Noteworthy Bridges in the Squirrel Hill Area” — speaker: Todd Wilson, date: April 2010

“Bridges of Pittsburgh” — speakers: Bob Regan and Tim Fabian, date: January 2007

Jewish Pittsburgh

“Refugees and Resettlement in Pittsburgh” speakers: Barbara Burstin, SHHS Member and faculty member of both Pitt and CMU and Michael Ehrmann, SHHS President. December 5th, 2017

“Her Deeds Sing Her Praises: Profiles of Pittsburgh Jewish Women” — speakers: Eileen Lane and Lois Michaels, date: July 11, 2017

“Community Day School: Preserving Tradition, Securing the Future” — speaker: Avi Baran Munro, Head of the School, date: May 10, 2017

“The Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh” — speaker: Lauren Bairnsfather, Director, date: April 25, 2017

“Congregation Beth Shalom, Celebrating 100 Years” — speaker: Honey Forman, date: April 4, 2017

“Jewish Pittsburgh” — speaker: Barbara Burstin, date: September 13, 2016

“Tree of Life * Or L’Simcha Congregation” — speakers: David Dinkin & Audrey Glickman, date: March 2014

“Temple Sinai History” — speaker: Jackie Breslawce, date: June 2013

“Jewish Residential Services — History” — speaker: Deborah Friedman, date: December 2011

“The Jewish Community of Pittsburgh: Finding Your Family Roots” — speaker: Robert Zavos, date: June 2011

“Steel City Jews” — speaker: Barbara Burstin, date December 2009

“The History of Rodef Shalom” — speaker: Daniel Young, Associate Rabbi, date: January 2008


“The Story of St. Francis of Assisi” — speaker: The Rev. Michael Foley, Rector, The Church of the Redeemer , date: November 8, 2016

“Marketing the Presidency” — speaker: Steve Mihaly, date: June 14, 2016

“Preservation” — speaker: Terry Necciai, date: July 2012

“Historic Preservation in the U.S.A.” — speaker: Michael Ehrmann, date: January 2012

“Bagpiping” — speaker: George Balderose, date June 2008

“Welsh Connection” — speaker: Elizabeth Jeffries, date: November 2006


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