House History Project

We are inviting interesting stories about your houses in Squirrel Hill, their histories, styles, locations or anything else that you can share.

Initial submissions can be no more that a few paragraphs or longer. Send to, with House History in the Subject Line – please do not identify house by exact numerical address. A title for your story can be created by street or theme of article, such as below articles. By making submission, you are granting SHHS permission to include this information in future newsletters and to create a posting on our HOUSE HISTORY PROJECT site.

We  encourage all who contribute to expand their initial submission through their own individual searches, and by using information obtained with tools like those found on our HOUSE HISTORY RESOURCES.  As an all-volunteer organization, we are not able to conduct research for individuals, but will provide support and resources.

This is an ongoing project with no deadline. You may either email submissions of your House History to our address above, or submit  online at House History Project Submission. Everyone is invited to react to house histories by posting comments.

Individual House Histories to-date (as the oldest domestic structure in the City of Pittsburgh, the Neill Log House is listed first – all others, by date submitted):

The Neill Log House (posted 7-2021)

Pocusset House, “Union Baking Company (posted 5-2020)

Phillips Avenue at Pocusset, “What’s a Mikvah?” (posted 5-2020)

“Cooking mash in my basement” (posted 6-2020)

“Viewland” (posted 6-2020)

The Frank House (posted 7-2020)

The Samuel S. Brown Mansion and the Jewish Home for the Aged (posted 7-2020)

More About the Samuel S. Brown Mansion (posted 8-2020)

Of Debutantes and Anarchists: An Aylesboro House History (posted 9-2020)

The Weiss House on Beechwood Boulevard—Living Light Upon the Land (posted 9-2020)

H. Miller and Sons (posted 11-2020)

The Koerner House (posted: 10-2-2021)

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