Upcoming Events

All evening programs are open to the public and held at the Church of the Redeemer, 5700 Forbes Avenue, and begin at 7:30 pm.

Due to COVID-19, our programs at the Church of Redeemer, 5700 Forbes Avenue, have been temporarily suspended.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for future speakers or topics to put on our agenda, please email us at sqhillhist@shhsoc.org.

December Program
Tuesday, December 8, 2020,
Zoom Program, 7:30 p.m:The Red Door—An Historical Memoir of Pittsburgh’s Iconic Squirrel Hill Cafe”

Jan Cavrak and Leslie Mcilroy have written a book about one of Squirrel Hill’s longest-running businesses, which has even more history preceding it at that location. This program will feature a pre-recorded interview with co-author Jan Cavrak, after which attendees will be asked to relate their own stories about the famous cafe and the Squirrel Hill business district in general. 

During the program, SHHS officers will also talk about their plans for programs and activities for 2021.

December Activity
Connecting Squirrel Hill to the Lewis and Clark Expedition: The SHHS has been working on an exciting connection between Squirrel Hill and Meriwether Lewis as he was on his way to join William Clark in St. Louis to begin their historic journey west. This past summer, the SHHS was approached by the chief administrator of a website created for the National Park Service that is dedicated to the Lewis and Clark Trail. The site is called the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Experience and can be accessed at this link: https://lewisandclark.travel/. The SHHS was invited to submit a nomination for the Neill log home and for Squirrel Hill to be featured on its site, based on research suggesting that Meriwether Lewis passed close by the Neill log home in Squirrel Hill on his last trip to Pittsburgh.

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