SHHS Carnegie Library Displays

In late 2013 and early 2014 SHHS Board member Ralph Lund initiated an effort to build new links between our organization and the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.  After extensive discussions, several areas of cooperation were identified.  The SHHS agreed to provide the Pennsylvanian Room of the central Carnegie Library in Oakland with its copies of nearly 40 years of the Squirrel Hill News newspapers (which were subsequently reproduced on microfiche and made available at the library) and the photographs in its collection at the time (now available through the Pennsylvanian Room).  On its part, the new Director of the Squirrel Hill Branch of the Carnegie, Jodie Bell, suggested that the SHHS establish an ongoing exhibit board at the branch (we now call that our “Museum Board) and agreed to maintain a DVD library of all of the recorded SHHS programs: the latter are also available on this web site.

Since late 2014 we have placed rotating exhibits on the Museum Board.  The exhibits have been designed by Helen Wilson, SHHS Vice President, with technical suggestions from Michael Ehrmann, SHHS President, and Betty Connolly, also SHHS Vice President.  We have included copies of each of the past exhibits on this website.  Please note that the original displays reproduced in this website are available for temporary use in schools, churches  synagogues or other venues.  Please contact us at to discuss borrowing any of the following exhibits. 

Please review the following index of exhibits and click any of these you want to see.

Time to Celebrate! The Squirrel Hill Branch of Carnegie Library Turns 50 this Year!
What’s Been Happening
SHHS in the Time of Pandemic
What Makes Squirrel Hill Squirrel Hill? 
The Development of Squirrel Hill’s Business District
Squirrel Hill’s Jewish History
What Was at This Corner of Forbes and Murray Before the Carnegie Library 
What Makes Squirrel Hill Squirrel Hill?
The History of the Sixth Presbyterian Church
Squirrel Hill Then and Now
The Morrowfield- Apartment, Hotel and Reflection of the Roaring Twenties
The Bridges of Squirrel Hill
Squirrel Hill Tops the List
Pittsburgh’s Mayors from Squirrel Hill
Squirrel Hill in 1816
200 Years Ago in Pittsburgh
Happy New Year, Squirrel Hill!
Squirrel Hill Goes to the Movies
Beth Shalom: Celebrating 100 Years
Our Book: Squirrel Hill- A Neighborhood History
Introducing the Squirrel Hill Historical Society
The Squirrel Hill Newspapers
Neill Log House Restoration Project

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