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Squirrel Hill a Neighborhood History (2017) is a new book by SHHS members Helen Wilson, Michael Ehrmann, Wayne Bossinger, Betty Connelly, and Dr. Barbara Burstin, published by “The History Press”.

Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill neighborhood began on the frontier of western Pennsylvania 250 years ago and developed into a vibrant urban community. Early settler John Turner, half brother of renegade Simon Girty, survived capture by Native Americans and experienced firsthand the change from dangerous wilderness to established farming community. Wealthy landowners Henry Clay Frick and Mary Schenley bestowed Squirrel Hill its grand public parks. Hyman Little, Herman Kamin and countless others moved to the hill and made it Pittsburgh’s premier Jewish community, with a tightknit cluster of synagogues, temples and a thriving business district. The Squirrel Hill Historical Society and editor Helen Wilson explore the fascinating history of one of Pittsburgh’s historic neighborhoods.

Helen Wilson, editor and author, describes our new book on July 11, 2017, after a regular meeting of the Squirrel Hill Historical Society.

Our Original Book
Squirrel Hill (Images of America Series)
In 2005, the SHHS worked with Arcadia Publishing to publish its first book.  The idea of a book grew out of our Historical Society’s “reminiscing sessions”. Lots of people knew bits and pieces, and a few volunteers pieced together vignettes that would tell a tale of Squirrel Hill. SHHS volunteers identified appropriate photographs and wrote the text for the book and was edited by Betty Connolly.
Our initial book primarily covered development of the neighborhood from the mid 19th century throughout the 1930s.

Our NEW Book is available at all of our meetings.  If you are interested in getting the book, you can also email us and we will handle it.

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