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Speaker: Carol Peterson, Architectural Historian

Article below by Tim Schooley about Carol Peterson is from the February 1, 2002, print edition of The Pittsburgh Business Times:
“Architectural historian Carol Peterson conducts residential research”

*No additional information or video is available for this program

The Steps of Pittsburgh
Speaker: Author Bob Regan
Book: The Steps of Pittsburgh: Portrait of a City, by Bob Regan with photos by Tim Fabian

History of the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer
Speaker: SHHS Member Marian Cook

From Church of the Redeemer:
“… [the church’s] roots go back to September 1900, when Mrs. Charles P. Smith began a Sunday school for her three children at her home on Wightman Street. Within a few months, she had invited the neighborhood children to join and had hosted the first formal church services…”

A Hidden Treasure: Tiffany’s Alumnae Memorial Window at Chatham College
Speaker: Dr. Elisabeth Roark, Asst. Professor of Art History, Chatham College

Included in this presentation was information on Tiffany windows in the Pittsburgh area as well as Tiffany’s revolutions in glass.

“Chatham College was chartered on December 11, 1869, under the name Pennsylvania Female College. The College was founded to provide women with an education comparable to that which men could receive at the time at “colleges of the first class.” Chatham is one of the earliest extant liberal arts colleges for women established originally as a college rather than as a seminary. It is one of four original eastern colleges founded for women that still limit the granting of baccalaureate degrees to women. Throughout its history, Chatham has been a pioneer in curricular progress, adapting its educational programs to meet society’s changing needs while maintaining the intellectual integrity of liberal arts.” Chatham College website

*No additional information or video is available for this program

No Meeting- Have a nice vacation month!

Thanks for the Memories
On Tuesday, the members of our book committee ran a “structured discussion” to get information to incorporated into our book. Specifically, we focused on “the street where you live”. Members shared a wealth of information on Squirrel Hill living. Participating were those who have been living here 75-plus years to those who have chosen to live here and are relatively new to Squirrel Hill (4 years’ residence). The event was such a success that we will be scheduling another session to cover other topics for our book, such as “entertainment, shops, schools, and religious organizations.”

*No additional information or video is available for this program

History of the Mary Brown/Ames United Methodist Church

Speaker: Pastor Jim Cannistraci
The history of the Mary Bown/Ames United Methodist Church and the adjacent Turner Graveyard was the focus of this event.   The Turner Graveyard is adjacent to the Church on Beechwood Blvd. and has the distinction of being the second oldest cemetery in Allegheny County, with Trinity Episcopal in Downtown, first oldest.   The Turner Graveyard is where many pioneer families of the city’s 14th and 15th wards were buried.

*No additional information or video is available for this program

The Heinz Loft Apartments
Speaker: Jonathan Sandvick
He spoke to us on the preservation of old buildings with focus on the creation of the New 270 – Unit Heinz Loft Apartments on the North Shore of Pittsburgh.   Mr. Sandvick showed a slide presentation on that development which he has designed and the work he has done in Cleveland.He presented his ideas of using old spaces in new ways with great passion. The predominate way of refocusing old spaces is to “build a living environment” and rest will happen.

*No additional information or video is available for this program

Wightman School History
This event was held at the Wightman School on Solway Street in Sq.Hill. The Wightman School Building was originally only five rooms and an office — later the Romaneque Style of the new wing (decorated with ornate cherubic friezes, intricate stained glass and an elaborate facade on the stage) enlarged the building to eight rooms, a library and a third floor gym.

*No additional information or video is available for this program

History of the Former St. Philomena Church
Speaker: Kenneth White
The speaker, the archivist for the Archdiocese of Pittsburgh, gave a wonderful presentation with a brief description of the development of the Catholic Church in Western Pa.

*No additional information or video is available for this program

Nationality Rooms at the University of Pittsburgh
Speaker: Maxine Bruhns
The speaker showed us a video and discussed the rooms of the University of Pittsburgh

The Rooms are expressions of timeless human value.   In these Rooms themes are rendered in wood and glass, iron and stone, fabric, color andwords.  Inspiration flows from such varied sources as Athens, a PalaceHall in Beijing’s Forbidden City, an Ancient Monastic Indian University, Flowers that grow in Czech and Slovak Valleys, etc.

*No additional information or video is available for this program

Henry Hornbostel
Speaker: Walter C. Kidney

Henry Hornbostel in Pittsburgh — he was the architect of the primary buildings for Carnegie Mellon University, Rodef Shalom Synagogue, and the Allegheny County Soldiers Memorial, and other buildings.

The speaker (Walter Kidney) is the architectural historian for the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation, who has authored several books on Pittsburgh’s great architecture and bridges.

*No additional information or video is available for this program

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