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Squirrel Hill Urban Coalition — History and Current Projects
Speaker: WAYNE GERHOLD, Treasurer, Sq.Hill Coalition

from the SHUC website
The Squirrel Hill Urban Coalition was founded in 1972. It’s mission, as set forth in the By-Laws is “… to improve the 14th Ward of the City of Pittsburgh through educational and cooperative endeavors of individuals and groups from the area seeking to enhance the physical and social attributes of the community.”

Civil War and Pittsburgh

Monday, October 22, 2012
7:30 pm to 8:00 pm
This program was produced by public television channel WQED in 2012.
Michael Ehrmann, SHHS’s Chairman, and Barbara Burstin, SHHS member and contributor to our most recent book, were interviewed for this TV program, which also included photographs from the SHHS first book “Squirrel Hill”

History of Meadowcroft Rockshelter
Speaker: DR. JAMES ADOVASIO, Provost, Director, Mercyhurst Archaeological Institute, Mercyhurst College

From Heinz History Center
Meadowcroft Rockshelter, the oldest site of human habitation in North America, provides a unique glimpse into the lives of prehistoric hunters and gathers.

History of Calvary Cemetery
Speaker: CHRIS MOTTO, Family Service Manager, The Catholic Cemeteries Association

From Catholic Cemeteries Association
In 1886, the diocese established the Calvary Cemetery Association and Calvary Cemetery, a 200-acre tract of land in the Hazelwood area of Pittsburgh.

No meeting — Enjoy the summer!

Recent Preservation Projects and Surprising Pennsylvania Connections
Speaker: TERRY NECCIAI, Founder of the Sq.Hill Historical Society — Preservation Architect and Architectural Historian

Recent Preservation Projects and Surprising Pennsylvania Connections

History of UPMC’s Sports Medicine Clinic and the History of Sports Medicine
Speaker: DR. FREDDIE FU, David Silver Professor and Chairman of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at UPMC

Walking Tour
Schenley Park
From: www.pittburghparks.org
“Situated in the heart of Oakland, Schenley Park has come to be Pittsburgh’s civic park. Created in 1889 with land donated by Heiress Mary Schenley, the park now contains 456 acres of trails, woods, and attractions.”

Look at WTAE “Pittsburgh: Then & Now”
May 16, 2012

Channel 4, on the 6 pm TV News, aired an interview with our chairperson, Michael Ehrmann,talking about the Squirrel Hill Historical Society. This is part of a “Pittsburgh Now and Then” series looking at Pittsburgh neighborhoods.

Marcellus Shale — History, Production Methods and Current Issues
Speaker: DANIEL BAIN, Professor of Geology and Planetary Science, University of Pittsburgh

As Marcellus Shale activity sweeps Western Pennsylvania, a new University of Pittsburgh database reveals that approximately 7 percent of Allegheny County’s land has been leased for drilling and extraction since 2003. In addition, the number of properties in the county leased for oil and gas exploration increased by 322 percent between 2008 and 2009.

Black Baseball in Pittsburgh
Speaker: ROB RUCK, Author and Professor, University of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh had both the Pittsburgh Crawfords and the Homestead Grays. Sports played a major role in shaping Pittsburgh’s black community.

The Whiskey Rebellion and Wigle Whiskey, Pittsburgh’s New Artisan Whiskey Distillery
What do they have in common? Come and Find Out!!
Speaker: ERIC MEYER, Co-Proprietor, Wigle Whiskey

A Sustainable Community Future: What type of projects should Squirrel Hill favor?
Speaker: ERIC OSTH, Principal at Urban Design Associates

Historic Preservation in U.S.A.
Member and Friends Appreciation Night 
Speaker: MICHAEL EHRMANN, Chairman of the Squirrel Hill Historical Society



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