Examining the History of Squirrel Hill through its Buildings: How to Research the History of Your Own Building by Kelley Stroup

February 14, 2017

Speaker: KELLEY STROUP, Founder of House History

Using maps and other historical documents to track the history of development in Squirrel Hill lends both historical and local context to the vibrant community we all appreciate today. Development patterns, building materials and historical records of residency provide an insight into Squirrel Hill’s history that is not only intriguing but also deeply personal. Gain insight into your community while learning how to get get started with your own architectural research.

About the Speaker: Kelly Stroup holds a BA in historic preservation from Mary Washington College in Fredericksburg, VA., as well as an MFA in architectural history and MA in historic preservation from Savannah College of Art and Design. As founder of “House/Story”, she parlays her love of historical research and synthesis into the creation of house histories focused on telling the inseparable stories of buildings and their builders, owners, and inhabitants.

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