Click on any underlined title to see more detailed information on each program, including videos approved for recording by speaker.  If you have trouble playing any video, please let us know at email: sqhillhist@shhsoc.org

Pittsburgh Holocaust Center
Speaker: LAUREN BAIRNSFATHER, PhD., Director

Meeting was cancelled due to weather and rescheduled for April 25, 2017

Special Lecture: “The Story of St. Francis of Assisi”
Speaker: MICHAEL FOLEY, Rector
Church of the Redeemer (our church)
Rev. Foley will share his recent visit to Assisi, Italy and information on St. Francis.

Historical Overview of Carnegie Mellon University
Assistant Dean of Student Affairs at Carnegie Mellon University

Ms. Hippensteel will present a historical overview of the university from its beginnings to its present-day prominence.

Jewish Pittsburgh
SHHS Member and faculty member of both Pitt and CMU

SHHS member Barbara Burstin, Ph.D., is the author of a new book that will be of great interest to many Squirrel Hill residents: Jewish Pittsburgh, part of the Images of America series produced by Arcadia Press.

150 Years of Beer at Penn Brewery 
Speaker: LINDA NYMAN,  Co-Owner of “Penn Brewery”

Linda Nyman has been a co-owner and Director of Marketing for Penn Brewery since 2009.

Auto Dealership and Service Stations in Squirrel Hill over the Years
Member of Family that Owned “Sable Motors” and “Sable Chevrolet” in Sq. Hill

Pittsburgh Bicentennial Parade
On Saturday, July 9 the SHHS joined the Pittsburgh Bicentennial Celebration.

Marketing the Presidency
Retired Vice-President of the H.J. Heinz Co.,and Political Historian”

Walking Tour Frick Park
Held in conjunction with the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy
Tour Guide: Susan RademacherParks Curator for Pgh. Parks Conservancy

The Evolution of Bridges in Pittsburgh
Speaker: TODD WILSON, Engineer and Author

Todd Wilson, P.E., is a civil engineer whose passion for bridges has spanned his whole life and led him on quests to photograph bridges inall 50 states and four continents.

White Indians (Captives) on the Western Pennsylvania Frontier
Speaker: ROLAND VENDELAND,  Author, Historical Researcher, and SHHS Member

Join historical researcher, published author, and professional storyteller Roland Vendeland to discover the fates of white settlers forced to live among Native Americans.

Getting to Know Our Neighbors: “Shootin’ the Breeze: A Neighborhood Evolution and Pictorial Process of Pittsburgh’s Point Breeze”
Speaker: SARAH LAW, Author, fellow Breezer, and SHHS Member

Join author, fellow Breezer, and SHHS member, Sarah Law on a Point Breeze journey from General George Washington and “The Great Road to the West” to the electricity of Pittsburgh’s Gilded Age.

“History of the City Theatre: 40 Years of New Plays in Pittsburgh”
Speakers: Reginald L. Douglas, and Clare Drobot

Founded in 1975, City Theatre began as the City Players, a touring company that performed in schools, parks, and housing projects. By the end of the decade, the City Players were offered residency at the University of Pittsburgh.

150 Years of Beer at Penn Brewery 
Speaker: LINDA NYMAN,  Co-Owner of “Penn Brewery”

Cancelled due to snow and rescheduled for July 26, 2016


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