Quiet Campaign 

In our December newsletter, Friends of the Neill Log House (FONLH) announced the kick-off of what we called a Quiet Phase Campaign of fundraising. This means that we are “quietly” inviting individuals like you, those interested in history and historic preservation, to join-in our efforts by making personal contributions that will provide the foundation for our newly formed organization to move forward, toward the larger goal of securing all the funds ultimately needed for restoration and usage of the Neill Log House. Even before major grants are secured, we incur the day-to-day expenses of insurance and other administrative costs of any non-profit. This appeal to help sustain our beginning efforts is being made to members of both SHHS and SHUC who are able to help us in this way. A special account has been set-up by the Squirrel Hill Urban Coalition on behalf of FONLH and all contributions made into it are tax-deductible (until FONLH receives their own 501(c) (3) tax-exempt charity status filed for, contributions made for us through SHUC receive their tax-exemption). 

Donations can be made on-line by going to shuc.org, clicking on the Projects link at the top of their Home Page, then clicking on Friends of Neill Log House. Once there, the Donate with PayPal button lets you pay by PayPal, or your own credit or debit card.

Donations by mail are also accepted. Make your check out to SHUC-FONLH and put FONLH in the memo line.
Mail to:
Squirrel Hill Urban Coalition
5604 Solway Street
Pittsburgh, PA, 15217

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