Update on all City Projects related to Neill Log House, July-August 2021, and other Restoration Team Activities

Among all the changes to our Team’s efforts for the renovation of the Neill Log House reported up till now, the most significant by far is the release by the City of a public document to elicit interest and input by potentially qualified contractors. Its release was coordinated by the City to be publicized through all local news organs. The full article from July 14 announcing the release of this document can be viewed at this address (clicking this link will take you out of SHHS website): https://pittsburghpa.gov/press-releases/press-releases/5102

The full text of the 18-page document, entitled “CITY OF PITTSBURGH Department of Public Works ‘Request for Qualifications,’ (RFQ) for THE STABILIZATION AND/OR RESTORATION OF THE HISTORIC NEILL LOG HOUSE IN SCHENLEY PARK, PITTSBURGH, PA,” can be viewed through the link below. Potential contractors are asked to respond to this document by the end of August 2021 (clicking this link will take you out of SHHS website): https://apps.pittsburghpa.gov/redtail/images/14891_Neill_Log_House_RFQ.pdf

Other work by Steering Committee members from SHUC and SHHS include moving toward a new entity for managing our efforts and all that entails under the name “Friends of the Neill Log House.” Stay tuned for developments on this.


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