Engineering Pittsburgh: Bridges
Speaker: Todd Wilson, P.E.
Have you ever thought about how the Pittsburgh area became the City of Bridges? If you were starting over, would you build the city’s bridges where they are now? And what types would you build? Located at the confluence of three rivers instead of along the coast and being one of America’s earliest frontier cities west of the Appalachian Mountains, bridge engineering in the greater Pittsburgh area experienced a lot of unprecedented engineering challenges. This resulted in many advances in bridge engineering and the development of unique engineering solutions. Join local engineer and historian Todd Wilson to tell the story of how bridge engineering developed in western Pennsylvania through highlighting the various innovative structures that were built.

“Writing the Book about The Homewood Cemetery”
Zoom Program
Speaker: Lisa Speranza
Lisa Speranza, Director of Development for The Homewood Cemetery Historical Fund, was born and raised in Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville neighborhood. She has been visiting Allegheny Cemetery her entire life. Her family has been part of the grounds since the 1940s.

January Interactive Activity:
“What’s in Your Basement?”
Do you have something odd, historic, or unusual in your house’s basement? Send us your story! You don’t have to identify your house. In the course of working on the House History Project, we came across a house with a room behind a disguised door in the basement where bootleggers cooked mash to make moonshine during the Depression, and one that had a bomb shelter during the Cold War. And we’ve heard about “slag humps” but have never seen one. Send us your stories! We’ll publish them in this newsletter. Email us at sqhillhist@shhsoc.org or click on “Contact us” on the SHHS website….. 


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