Changes in Squirrel Hill’s Political Borders

July 13, 2021
Speaker: Helen Wilson
Have you ever wondered how Squirrel Hill became Squirrel Hill? Who decided on its borders? Why are its borders where they are? These and other questions will be answered in this presentation by Helen Wilson, SHHS Vice-President, who has been studying Squirrel Hill’s history in depth for 15 years. She found that the process of the neighborhood’s development was convoluted, changing from primeval forest to rival land claims by Virginia and Pennsylvania, to increasingly smaller subdivisions as the population grew. This presentation will trace the path of development that created the Squirrel Hill we know today.

About the Speaker: Helen Wilson is Vice-President of the Squirrel Hill Historical Society (SHHS). She edited and contributed to the SHHS Book Squirrel Hill, a Neighborhood History. She has been researching and writing about Squirrel Hill’s History since she retired in 2006 from the Pittsburgh Board of Public Education, where she taught art and worked in the Division of Curriculum Development as a writer, editor, graphic designer, and illustrator.

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